Relief Printing with Lino Advanced

A practical, fun approach to enhance your inking, printing and carving process. Suitable for Intermediate +

Advance your skills and push the boundaries of lino printing making. Bring some small drawings, photos, or photocopied images with you (approx 30x30), the more contrast of dark and light the better. Portraits or landscape images.

Create a full lino block 30x30cm or smaller, focus on how to produce depth, work on structuring the image and mark making. Explore techniques of craving.


Mark Rowden

Mark Rowden is a practising printmaker with more than 20 years' experience. After studying fine art in both the UK and Australia, he worked for one of the oldest and leading fine art print making studios in Sydney, Whaling Road Studios, where he has printed for artists such as Charles Blackman, Martin Sharp, Adam Cullen & Mclean Edwards. As well as a skilled print maker, Mark also has an extensive knowledge of art materials as well as painting and drawing techniques. Mark won the Waverley Print Prize in 2008; most recently the Australian winner in the 2016 Prix Canson international works on paper prize. His work has been exhibited throughout Australia and he has had numerous solo shows, his work was part of the International Print Biennale in Brazil 2014. As a teacher, Mark is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others have fun with their art.