Photography Beginners 2: Taking your skills to the next level

Grow and develop your photography interest and learn new skills. Challenge your skills in portraiture, fast and slow shutter speed photography and landscapes. Includes an introduction to editing software to help better your digital workflow and output of images from pixels on a screen to prints. Tailored to digital SLR cameras and students who have completed Photography Beg. 1 or equivalent.


Samantha Van Stralendorff

An artistic all rounder, Samantha Van Stralendorff achieved her Fine Arts degree, majoring in Photomedia during a time when Analogue photography; film and darkrooms were transitioning to Digital, making her fluent in both. While skills in Photoshop are valuable, the essentials are still the same: learn about the light, composition and how to engage the subject, which Samantha teaches with enthusiasm, humour and patience.   Her main loves are portraits, and capturing the essence of life with a sense of physicality and presence. She is experienced with photographic techniques people are fascinated with, the rules and how to use them to your advantage.