Cartoon Faces

Cartoon faces are one of the most fun parts to draw for any cartoonist. Being the most expressive part of any cartoon character, knowing how to draw cartoon faces will let you create a huge range of fun, expressive characters to have fun with.

Starting with basic shapes and symbols, this class is great for a beginner level cartoonist or people who are recently returning to drawing, while also being challenging for those with existing cartooning skills.

The course will cover the following:

- Making faces from basic shapes & symbols. - Drawing human faces in correct proportion. - Squash & Stretch in cartooning faces. - Various ways to draw facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc) - Facial Expression - Giving your head a sense of 3-Dimensionality.


“I was very happy with the topics covered starting out at the very basic stuff and developing from there”. “It’s a great course for beginners!” “Really enjoyed learning, made it seem easy to draw compared to how difficult it may look”. “Luke is very experienced and explained the ideas well.”

Materials List

Materials For this class, please bring the following materials with you: - A3 sketchbook - Pencil: 2B or 4B. - Eraser - Sharpener Further optional materials will be discussed in class.


Luke Marcatili

Luke Marcatili is an illustrator and animator from Sydney, Australia.   His background includes fine arts, illustration, animation, graphic design and short film-making. This combination of skills gives him a strong ability for picture-making, visual storytelling and conceptual thinking. As a result his work has recently been recognised by 3x3 Magazine, Illustrator’s Australia and IKEA. Instagram @lukemarcatili Twitter: @LukeMarcatili Testimonials “Luke’s talent allows him to physically draw with you to evolve ideas” “Luke is great at simplifying practical elements in order for you to focus on and develop certain areas you wish to.” “Luke is genuinely helpful and his talent is a good model”.