Cast a Silver Ring

Do you love jewellery and wish you could give it a personal touch? Learn the art of silver jewellery making using the wax casting method. Over two consecutive Sundays, learn the process from carving and preparing waxes to be cast in metal to cleaning and polishing your own ring to take home.

Learn the skills to create up to two rings of your own design using a variety of wax working techniques including carving and forming. These will then be cast by a commercial caster in a metal of your choice. Learn to clean and polish the cast rings. Please note that the course cost does not include the casting fee (approx. $30-70 for a large ring, including metal, prices will vary according to the weight of the wax ring. Please bring this with you on day 1).

Beginners welcome - no previous experience required.

Course content :

First week - Learn to carve and prepare waxes to be cast in metal - Transfer of design onto wax and carve out the design - Learn how to finish your wax to get a clean casting - Experiment with other types of wax, mouldable and sheet At the end of the first lesson, your wax ring will be weighed to identify the cost of the metal it is to be cast in. You can choose from sterling silver, brass, bronze etc). Costs vary. Expect to spend between $30 and $70 on casting, depending on how chunky the ring is and the metal type chosen. * Please note that the cost of casting is additional to the course costs.

Second week - Receive your metal rings back from the casters - Learn to clean, file and polish your ring to the finish you desire

Tutor: Bridget Kennedy

Bridget Kennedy is an Australian Contemporary artist currently living and working in Sydney.  With a background in painting and contemporary jewellery, more recently her work has explored installation, incorporating the viewer as participant to activate the artwork. The use of combining diverse, non-precious and organic materials with traditionally precious materials, continues an ongoing enquiry into environmental fragility, impermanence, choice and value. An emphasis on materiality and exploration allows the physical act of making to partly drive the outcome. Bridget’s formative years of early childhood were spent in Fiji and the South Pacific. With cultural ties to the Philippines through her life partner, these influences and exchanges have informed her practice. She is co-director of Studio 20/17, a contemporary jewellery gallery opened in 2008 in Sydney and has recently completed a  coursework Masters in Studio Art at Sydney College of the Arts.