Basketry: Coiling with Spiral Stitch

Coiled basketry is one of the oldest craft techniques known, and the spiral stitch pattern is used by various cultures around the world. Discover the ancient and contemplative craft of making beautiful baskets from plant fibres and use a variety of plant materials and linen thread to create a coiled basket which is stitched together.

Included in the workshop is a discussion around the history and culture of basket making, explanation of gathering and preparation of materials, and demonstrations followed by one-to-one instruction. 

Bring a pair of scissors, an old towel, a plastic bag, and a thimble (optional); all notes, other tools and plant materials are provided.

*Please note, this workshop requires normal strength and dexterity, and is not suitable for people with injuries or other medical conditions affecting the use of the fingers, hands or arms.

Please bring your lunch. There are also local cafes for food and coffee.


Meredith Peach

Meredith (Meri) Peach is a basket maker and fibre sculptor using natural and reclaimed materials. Meri has had professional careers in both art and biology, and her biological background informs much of her artwork. She started making fibre baskets in 2002, learning her craft from Virginia Kaiser and other established Australian basket makers. She has been teaching basketry workshops since 2005. Meri is inspired by natural structures such as cocoons, spiderwebs, shells, burrows, plankton and micro-organisms. Her work speaks of ecological concepts, the impacts of humans on the natural world, and human relationships with the environment. Meri has had several Artist Residencies, regularly exhibits in galleries and had her first solo show “This Bygone Age” at Sturt Gallery in 2012. Her baskets have been included in several significant group exhibitions including “Old Traditions, New Ways” (Sturt Gallery 2006), “Tradition and Beyond” (Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery 2009) and “Rhyme & Reason” (Belconnen Arts Centre 2013). Meri was the sole Australian representative at the international conference “Basketry and Beyond” at the University of East Anglia, U.K. Meri was a founding member of and the inaugural President of Basketry NSW Inc. and is currently their Newsletter Editor. (formed 2012). See her website at “I really enjoyed the class, including the wonderful people that Meri drew in, all the varied materials that she provided and explained well, the very helpful instructions and references; and Meri's teaching that demonstrated, explained the steps. She was available to help individuals as well as adding historical and political/economic background on both basket weaving and the materials.  The best thing was her clear, grounded, caring energy that created a safe, fun, community atmosphere. Thanks for making basket weaving more available for learning at your centre.” Karuna