Alter Ego - An imperfect workshop for the creatively curious

An Imperfect workshop for the creatively curious

Alter Ego is fancy Latin for The Other I. The you that’s somewhere beneath the surface.  Join this brand new printmaking workshop and create a portrait of your Other I.  Loosen up with fast, intuitive drawing; get into flow printing with cut paper stencils, and from the midst of creative play, produce a portrait that’s better than any selfie you’ve ever snapped.

‘The course was fabulous! Julie is a wonderful, inspirational tutor who provided clear instructions and spent time individually answering questions with students when needed or giving practical guidance about colour, design and the techniques being used.’

‘She was a good ‘time keeper’ too - making us aware of how much time remained to complete our ‘masterpieces’ and we all came out with a great artwork by the time the session finished 3.5 hrs later!’

Tutor: Julie Paterson

Julie Paterson is a painter, printmaker and designer of textiles. She owns a small fabric company called Cloth that I set up more than 20 years ago, because it made sense at the time and still does now. She works with a small team of people who love what they do, making textiles by hand, the old fashioned way. She understands the importance of collaboration with others for the joy of making something together that we couldn’t make alone. In Blackheath, Julie runs imperfect workshops for the creatively curious. She takes commissions and exhibits. Julie’s favourite place to be is working in her studio. Julie has also written a book and a manifesto to live by....“I live a simple life. It feels good.”