Tapestry Weaving

"Tapestry weaving is a unique art form. On the loom its a process in time with repetition and variation like music. A good musical composition stays in our ear for a while after it ends. A tapestry however, will hang on a wall like a painted composition." Silvie Heyden.

My handwoven tapestries explore the essence of colour, textures and fibres. My designs of the weavings develops as my work on the loom progresses exploring the use of colour and shape. Weaving is a very mediative process and it takes a lot of time to produce a tapestry. The majority of the wools that I weave have been hand dyed to enable to create the acquired colour desired. Dyeing the wool I weave with is an integral part of my weaving process.

My pieces are hand-made in the Southern Highlands in my Robertson studio using 100% wools and dyes.

I'm also exploring the use of macramé and weaving techniques to marry the art of fibres.

Please bring your own lunch, alternatively there are cafes nearby.

Tutor: Natalie Miller

I have been painting, drawing, making, creating and taking photos for as long as I can remember! My mother was a professional dressmaker and macramé maker, my grandmother a knitter, I have grown up around textiles all my life. I am a registered architect, interior designer, and textile artist living in the beautiful Southern Highlands an environment of constant inspiration. I have a studio/shop in Moss Vale, Green Bridge Studios. I found that working in a modern western society, that my occupation had become very dependent by computers and technology. Unlike earlier years where drawing and designing on a drafting board, and endless hours of designing, colouring in and making models became overwritten by computer 3D renderings and CAD drafting. I was losing the sense of creating objects with my hands in the real world. I needed to make things and regain a sense of touch. If I am not making things I don't feel fulfilled. I find craft is very satisfying and meditative. I love to explore the different techniques of textiles, especially in weaving and macramé. Textile art has an enormous relationship with interior architecture. I try to explore textiles and how they can transform into an architectural space and compliment one another. I hand dye all my wool from Australian grown and milled wool. I also source the best rope and materials all over our planet. I have recently made the biggest macramé chandelier in the world (two of them) in Pacific Place in Hong Kong for Chinese New Year. I love to work with other designers and architects for commercial installations in weaving and macramé for commercial and hospitality projects around our globe. I now teach weaving and macramé everywhere and am part of leading textile and design tours and retreats currently in Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and soon India and Morocco . To unite crafters around the world and bring back the beauty of hand making.