Weaving sculptures: explore your creativity:

Explore your creativity: weaving sculptures using found organic materials.

Slow down and gift yourself the time to find the secret life in natural objects.

You may walk past a fallen branch and not even notice it, but maybe it’s the beginnings of a sculpture. Explore the joy of picking up a vine, stick or seed pod and imagine what they could be.

We are surrounded by the beauty of nature, but so often we are too busy or digitally connected to slow down and reconnect with it.

This workshop is all about exploration and play - not perfection. Learning traditional basketry techniques you will use organic material such as vines, seed pods and branches to weave sculptural forms.

Starting with standing in nature we will explore ephemeral art techniques and you will learn how to connect with nature, your stories and your creativity. Using found materials we will then explore random weaving.

We all have new growth ready to emerge, and basketry can help you reconnect with your imagination, nature and give you new insights and perspectives.

Materials will be supplied and the types of material you may wish to bring: Sticks, branches, leaves Palm inflorescence (the fuzzy looking seed pods that fall from Palm trees) Vines such as jasmine, wisteria Leaves such as cordyline and dracaena Shells, stones

Suitable for beginners to more experienced weavers.

Materials List

Please bring with you: • Secateurs (or garden scissors) • Spray Bottle • Old towel to wrap materials in • Apron • Notebook and pen   Optional material to bring: • Dried palm inflorescence (the fuzzy looking seed pods that fall from Bangalow Palm trees) soaked for 30 mins. • Shells, stones, feathers or anything you may like to bring.

Tutor: Catriona Pollard

Catriona Pollard’s work is inspired by the connection and relationship we have with our environment and the beauty it shares with us. As an accomplished contemporary sculptural basketry artist, she is gifted with the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Predominately using only found or salvaged organic material, she uses nature to connect with people that goes beyond physical beauty, and touches them in a personal and profound way. Catriona’s work adds a contemporary layer to the ancient art form of weaving. Her work is profiled across major art and design media and is featured nationally in galleries, design spaces and private collections. Her work is described as emotionally-authentic, uniquely contemporary, raw and visually stunning. She’s had a solo exhibition, been numerous group and selected exhibitions and has been shortlisted as Emerging Artist of the Year Craft NSW and finalist numerous art prizes and awards.