Hidden core baskets

In this workshop participants will learn to create a coiled basket with a hidden core using fabric and other textural materials. Coiling is a technique that involves wrapping or stitching a weaver around a core. You will learn the fundamental skills of coiling, making a start, shaping, adding materials and embellishments. The workshop is suitable for beginners and those more experienced weavers. This is an ancient craft that allows us to slow down and experience the satisfaction of creating something hand-made. Notes will also be provided. All materials will be supplied

Tutor: Sally Blackwell

Sally retired from teaching in 2008 and is a firm believer that everything has an inherent value and should not be wasted. She has been experimenting with natural fibres, grasses, vines and recycled materials found in her local environment to turn what might have been wasted into something useful and pleasing to the eye. She brings her environmental beliefs to her love of basketry in creative and sometimes unusual ways.