You Can Draw Anything

Do you wish you could undertake any drawing without trepidation? Would you like to accurately draw what you see? This compact course opens up the secrets and fundamentals of drawing in a way that is accessible and fun. Week by week build upon acquired skills to provide an overview of the art of drawing. Insights and guidance are provided to improve your drawing painlessly and ensure that drawing holds no fear. Learn how to capture the essence of what you observe and create drawings which are vibrant and convincing.

Course content includes; faces, hands and figures, proportion and anatomy; the portrait; perspective and vanishing points; animals, birds and plants; landscape and cityscape; objects and still life; creating volume; shading and texture.

Each stage of completing a drawing is demonstrated and techniques explained simply and clearly. Gain the confidence and skills to undertake any drawing adventure you can set your mind to. All levels of experience catered for, especially beginners!

Week 1: the preparatory drawing, simple objects , symmetry , proportion, light and shading. Homework: the dynamic still life Week 2 : People, faces, hands and figures, animals, and birds. Homework: the self portrait /portrait Week 3 : Buildings, landscape, and gridded drawings

Materials List

Students should bring a range of 2b/3b pencils , eraser , sharpener and an A4 drawing block or paper sheets

Tutor: Richard Byrnes

Richard is a practising artist , having held 20 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Having  extensive teaching experience to draw upon , he is committed to teaching sound drawing and sculpture techniques in  ways that are clear and accessible. His core belief is that art should be exciting  and joyous.   Richards works are included in the National Gallery, University of NSW, Artbank, Macquarie University and various regional Gallery Collections. Richards’ public sculpture commissions can be seen in North Sydney, Marrickville and Macquarie University. He is represented by the Robin Gibson Gallery in Sydney.

Tutor: Dominique Millar

Dominique has many years of experience teaching classical drawing, painting and art history in both adult education and within other art related venues. In addition, Dominique has been a finalist in both the Archibald and the Salon des Refusés prizes. Dominique has also exhibited at one of Sydney’s oldest continuing privately run art galleries in Artarmon on Sydney’s North Shore. Dominique sees good art teaching practice as being demonstrated in a “hands on” ability to impart clear direction and succinct answers at all times to the challenges students come up against when learning to draw and paint. His philosophy is that a well taught class is a relaxed environment, where students feel they can both ask questions and come away having had their queries both adequately heard and resolved. In addition Dominique can also impart a broad knowledge of artistic materials and a thorough understanding of human artistic anatomy at both the very beginners and at more advanced levels.