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Pottery - Friday

Learn the fundamentals of hand building, glazing, decorating and wheel work. Progress to sculpture, glazing and slip decoration. Equipment and firing costs are included. Purchase clay from tutor, approx $20.

Please note:

-We have 2 small kilns which are adequate for a reasonable amount of work to be created by each student.  -We don’t have the storage space and the capacity for firing large volumes of work. Students are limited to one large work per term, the size of the work should be discussed with the tutor. -Clay is supplied at a very reasonable price for pottery students. We are not a production facility for commercial ware. -We do not fire any student works that have been made outside of class time.   -We only fire to Earthenware temperatures and use brush on glazes.

Tutor: Roy Chandra

Roy Chandra (Snow Monkey Pottery) completed a Diploma in Visual Arts in Ceramics in 2018. His ceramic works are largely inspired by Japanese Pottery, however he often experiments with many different styles, including more contemporary forms and designs. He particularly loves wheel-thrown pottery and discussing about new ideas. Some of his recent works can be found at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong and Chinaclay in Clovelly.