Encaustics Colour

Once you have tried the beginners encaustic workshop now try the colour encaustic workshop. Learn how to make, store and save the coloured encaustic, then work on new projects that enable you to layer and embed with colour.

A very versatile process that brings luster and depth to your art making process. This is a non toxic encaustic class but please bring gloves for working with pigments.

Tutor: Rachel Carroll

Rachel Carroll has been a practising artist for over 20 years. An expressionist and an environmentalist painter Rachel prefers to paint about locations that are surviving rather than focus on an area that is in demise. It has always been Carroll’s focus to bring the “bush to the city”, in the hope that others will connect with nature. Art acts as a little reminder to go visit and love the “greater green”, as she calls it. Carroll has a Masters Degree from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.  She currently has her first survey show on at Mary McKillop Museum, 50 Mount Street, North Sydney ; titled: Journey to Water,  which ends Dec 1. The exhibition focuses on a body of work created over 10 years which explores the Murray Darling River System. Carroll went to 6 different locations in the region to better understand the biodiversity of the river, meet the scientists involved and meet the local Aboriginals who best understand the land. It is a timely exhibition as once again the Murray needs our help.