Life Drawing for Beginners

Drawing the Human Figure for Beginners

Please note there will be no class on Friday 1 November due to the Student Tutor Exhibition.

This course seeks to systematically outline and guide you through, some of the fundamental principles that lead to a comprehensive proficiency for drawing the human figure. In the space of six weeks students will gain the necessary tools in a short time, to build on principles they can practice and repeat over a life time.

Each week introduces the student to a new aspect of competent figure drawing. Included with this is a brief analysis of human anatomy, starting with the major masses of the skeleton and concluding with an analysis of each of the major muscle groups of the human body.

Course Outline • Week 1. The figure as basic line and structure. • Week 2. The figure as line and structure. • Week 3. Fundamental gesture and action • Week 4. Gesture and action with basic anatomical masses, landmarks and limited convexed contours • Week 5. Basic anatomy and the figure as line and contour • Week 6. The figure as convexed forms, basic shadow masses and modelling at the plane break.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

• Identify how the placement of the models weight coincides with the figures action. • Begin to understand and grasp the processes of conceptualising, selecting and creatively inventing from the figure. • Learning how to treat the figure as a “mannequin” rather than a static object to mindlessly copy and reproduce. • Have an ability to apply a basic knowledge of human anatomy to figure drawing, including the basic skeletal masses of the figure and muscle groups. • Understand the basic principles of suggesting form with line alone. • Making use of and/or inventing a light source to model form. • Being able to identify techniques and make use of Old Masters drawings within a contemporary drawing practice.

Materials List

Drawing materials required: • Faber Castel Pitt oil based hard sanguine OR black chalk pencil. • Kneadable eraser • Stanley knife to sharpen pencils • A3 sketch book • Two metal bulldog clips for support

Tutor: Dominique Millar

Dominique has many years of experience teaching classical drawing, painting and art history in both adult education and within other art related venues. In addition, Dominique has been a finalist in both the Archibald and the Salon des Refusés prizes. Dominique has also exhibited at one of Sydney’s oldest continuing privately run art galleries in Artarmon on Sydney’s North Shore. Dominique sees good art teaching practice as being demonstrated in a “hands on” ability to impart clear direction and succinct answers at all times to the challenges students come up against when learning to draw and paint. His philosophy is that a well taught class is a relaxed environment, where students feel they can both ask questions and come away having had their queries both adequately heard and resolved. In addition Dominique can also impart a broad knowledge of artistic materials and a thorough understanding of human artistic anatomy at both the very beginners and at more advanced levels.