Cartooning: an artform that speaks through the ages. The simple irreverent lines of a cartoon character can swiftly convey movement, message and emotion. But why is it so hard to do?

This nine week cartooning course is aimed releasing the imagination of emerging cartoonists. Focusing on specific illustration techniques each week, from the very basics to refinement. The workshops will be a balance between explicit instruction and a frequent variety of challenges. Students will be confronted with exciting and often hilarious illustration travails to solve in their own way  with an experienced cartoonist close at hand.

This course is for anyone who wishes to bring the joy of cartooning into their life by developing their skill from whatever the starting point.

Materials List

Materials For this class, please bring the following materials with you: - A3 sketchbook - Pencil: 2B or 4B. - Eraser - Sharpener Further optional materials will be discussed in class.

Tutor: Sam McNair

Caricaturist, illustrator, live artist, guy. "I do a lot of art stuff. Caricature is naturally an irreverent art form. There are two ways to think about it, either it's a kind of cruel way of pointing out people's anomalies or it's a celebration of what makes one person unique from all others. Political satire and caricature have long been wedded the earliest examples being from graffiti in Pompeii. Quite some time ago. For me I see it as one of the last bastions of truth telling, one of the clearest ways of making perfectly plain the situation to the widest audience possible."