Leather Making

In this 4 week course, you will gain an over all view of working with supple Italian quality leather. You will learn to create a change purse, card holder and finally the last project a leather mail bag or tote bag.    This is a great fun way to gain knowledge and skills about the leather making process as well as working with beautiful leather for your first time.   With my expert guidance throughout your workshop you will be cutting your leather, marking out and chisel punching out your stitch holes, setting any hardware, waxing your threads, burnishing your edges and then finally bringing it all together by hand stitching using a traditional leather Saddle Stitch.   Don't worry if you're unfamiliar with any of the terminology as there is a demo of each stage and you are encouraged to practice on off-cuts of leather to build your confidence.

Tutor: Victoria White

Coming from an Art History background, my love for art, the history of man, and pretty shiny things came together while being pregnant with my daughter and working for the Museum of African American Art in Florida. I fell in love with African trade beads. They were historical in context, heavy with human drama, an artifact, an antique, pretty, and were relatively cheap. Pairing the few trade beads I had with semi-precious stones and sterling silver wire, I began to make my first wrapped earrings for fun. My husband at the time saw the box of earrings I had made, took them to work, and later presented me with a box of money! I have never looked back. That was a bit over 27 years ago. After having sold my jewellery design and production company and raising my daughter, I decided it was time to try some new pursuits. I arranged an intensive month long course in Indonesia with traditional Balinese Silversmiths, where I learn various traditional techniques. I am also pursuing a Diploma in Visual Arts, I live in Sydney, with my Pug Tiara.