Join us to learn Origami, the traditional Japanese art form of folding paper. Learn to fold flowers, boxes, animal shapes and more. Origami is fun, very creative and helps your hand eye coordination, mental focus, creativity and imagination. Create beautiful Origami art to take home. It can be a wonderful gift for your family and friends. Enjoy Japanese traditional art and let your creativity flow! All levels welcome.

‘It was wonderful spending time with Sayoko, she is so gentle in her teaching. Putting my mind to origami took me away from the everyday stuff on my mind, lovely!’

‘I really enjoyed the origami workshop. Sayoko was very experienced and she brought all the necessary materials and was generous in distributing papers. Having a small class meant that she could give a lot of individual attention.  In typical Japanese fashion, she had a thank you gift for each of us!’

Tutor: Sayoko Burton

Sayoko is a very creative person. Some of her creative talent is coming from her Japanese cultural background. She was born in Japan and grown up in the countryside of Aichi prefecture, Japan. She learned traditional Japanese Art such as Origami from her grandmother when she was a very young age. She still enjoys making traditional Japanese art and many other creative crafts. Sayoko Burton is a qualified Transpersonal Art Therapist. She has trained at the College of Complementary Medicine in Sydney and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapist (IICT). She specializes in working with children, adolescence and adult. She focuses on improving people’s wellbeing, developing creativity and imagination. Currently Sayoko is teaching Origami in Aged care centre and helping seniors for their mortar skills and mental focus. She is also supporting a mental recovering and wellbeing art group in Newtown.