Smartphone Photography

Love photography but don’t have the space to carry around a giant camera with you all the time? That handy little smartphone can do the trick! This course teaches you how to get the best results from your smart phone’s built in camera and the numerous editing apps available. You’ll be learning techniques that make your snapshots stand out from the crowd, including photography principles such as lighting, composition and editing. Participants are required to bring along a smartphone with a built-in camera, wear comfortable shoes, and bring along wet weather gear, just in case.

Tutor: Zara King

Zara is a New Zealand qualified photographer and photography teacher who now calls Sydney home. With a speciality in naturally lit, documentary-styled and candid portraiture, Zara strives to capture the in-between, otherwise unseen moments, where people are at their most comfortable and most pure. Zara’s unique style and technique, youthful eye, and carefree personality help to achieve and portray these moments to be as beautiful as physically possible. “Knowledge is not a destination, it is a journey, and one that I thoroughly enjoy. Teaching others helps me to also learn new things, one can never be an "expert" as there is always something new just around the corner.”