Vietnamese Fish Traps

Students choose soft or hard fibres to create a fish-trap inspired sculptural basket with open weave or windowpane twining.

The class will start with string making or ‘cordage’ by hand from leaves or raffia which can then be used to hang their fish trap basket. These baskets look amazing lit up with fairy lights or small LED bulbs.

Photos by Lisa Willimet

Materials List

(Cordage and Netting) scissors a large-eye wool or tapestry needle with a blunt end A flat river rock or thick piece of driftwood if you have one you love Strong fingers!

Tutor: Harriet Goodall

Harriet Goodall is an Australian fibre-artist exploring the intersection of craft, art and design using basketry techniques as the foundation. She harvests plant materials from the surrounding bush, coastal gardens and beaches and salvages rusted and decaying farm detritus and weaves them into objects of textural beauty and function. Her aesthetic was profoundly influenced by her country childhood and her creations reference both the ephemeral beauty of nature; feathers, pods, cocoons, bones, moss, eggshells and the detritus of farm life; rusted corrugated iron, wire, netting. Her inspiration comes from the colour, shape and patina of the materials available in the season or place. She finds the practice of weaving meditative, drawing from the timelessness of the ancient global tradition of basketry and women making remarkable functional objects from nature. In Harriet's sell-out weaving workshops, beginners learn how to collect & prepare materials from their surroundings and then weave them into a sculptural basket to take home. The workshop leaves people feeling relaxed and inspired. Workshop participants have said they now scour their parks, beaches and roadsides with a completely new eye - as places brimming with treasure. Harriet's baskets and lights can currently be viewed and commissioned via her website.