Carve a Spoon

Enjoy a day of happy slowness. Join the Spoonsmith, Jeff Donne, for a hands-on exploration in the traditional art of carving wooden spoons from a tree.

Start the day with a responsibly sourced log and under Jeff's guidance, safely and unhurriedly turn it into a beautiful wooden spoon using an axe, a knife and your hands. It's pure analogue bliss!

Learn about the joys of falling into spoon making meditation. Talk about the fun that can be found in foraging for sticks and logs in the woods, and the value of preserving old crafts.

All tools and materials are provided and absolutely no experience is needed. All you need is a willingness to whittle and you keep everything you make!

The workshop fee includes all materials, tools for use and safety aprons. Participants only need to wear covered shoes and a smile. BYO lunch, or pick up lunch and coffee from a local cafe.

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Photo credit: Michael Griffin

'I had a great day on Saturday, loved the course. Jeff was a capable, caring instructor. He had everything organised for us so we simply walked in and began working on this new craft. I complimented him on his choice of location to run the course. Coming from the Central Coast I found the easy peasy parking in the multi storey carpark a bonus. What a wonderful lcation you have there.'

'Jeff is a fantastic teacher. He is prepared, organised,  kind, encouraging, inspiring. Loved it '

'The 'Carve a Spoon' session was wonderful! An inspiring teacher and a challenging but relaxing workshop. I will be very happy to do another day with tutor Jeff.'

Tutor: Jeff Donne

About Jeff the Spoonsmith Jeff Donne is one of only a handful of people worldwide who have chosen to chase a living from the simple art of making wooden spoons. His journey started 20 years ago as a traditional chair maker, and it went the way of the spoon soon after sitting down with a knife and a stick and making his first wonky creation. Explaining , his choice to make a living from the humble wooden spoon, Jeff says that focussing on such a small thing that's fairly easy to make but impossible to master has given him plenty of time to think about the real motivation that drives him, which is a simple life dedicated to his craft and the people he holds dearest. "We're a spoon carving family!" he says, "and it makes me ridiculously happy to know that my two young children are already learning this old craft and champing at the bit to keep it going". "Like many traditional crafts it's about far more than the end product; it's about connecting the mind with your hands, and thinking about the role of nature in providing the raw material and inspiration to make a whole load of spoons!" "After carving and selling spoons for a while I started teaching people how to get going in this beautiful little craft, and this has turned out to be an awesome experience as I get to travel around and meet lots of people who have decided for a whole heap of reasons to jump in and coax a spoon from a log." You can read more about Jeff and his journey into spoons at and