Night Landscape Photography (Rescheduled)

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On a warm Spring night wander, Discover the nuances of darkness, and where, and how to capture the mysteries of a night skyline...

Meeting point: Entrance to Luna Park.

During this one-night workshop beginner and intermediate students will learn about different darkness levels from sunset, civil, nautical to astro lighting. 

Learn about atmosphere and light pollution, aperture, shutter speeds, ISO, noise and noise reduction, celestial poles, star rotation and basic editing. Advanced students will cover aspects of stacking and more advanced editing software.

*In case of bad weather the Plan B date is TBC - remember to keep this date free!


Darkness levels (Astro dark vs civilian dark)

Sunset: 7:30pm

Civil: 7:30-8pm

Nautical: 8-8:30pm

Astro: 8:30pm onwards

Atmosphere & light pollution

Camera light leak (tape over viewfinder), lens hoods

Wide angle vs narrow

Aperture - light spikes vs light received vs focal point

Shutter speed limits - when untracked

ISO, noise & noise reduction

Reading the sky (sky apps)

Celestial poles & star rotation

Tracked vs untracked shots

Basic editing aka photoshop/lightroom


Stacked vs unstacked

Benefits of stacking

Pitfalls of stacking

Lights, darks, flats, bias

Editing software


Materials List

Participants are required to bring along an SLR camera with the following accessories if you have them: a tripod, spare battery and a spare memory card. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring along wet weather gear, just in case.

Tutor: Zara King

Zara is a qualified photographer and Beginners’ Photography teacher, who specialises in naturally lit, documentary-style photography. A story-teller at heart, Zara strives to capture the in-between, otherwise unseen moments, where people are at their most comfortable and most pure. My favourite part about teaching Beginner Photography is the moment it all clicks together and finally makes sense. And we’re all in this together, as I also learn something new with every class. Knowledge is a journey, not a destination.