VIRTUAL Craft Social

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Ahh June. The perfect time and weather to cozy up at home with some textile craft. And if we’ve gained anything from lockdown, it’s the art of staying social from the safety and comfort of home. So join us and let’s create together!

Do you have an unfinished project, need some inspiration to get started, or just looking for some like minded folk to get crafty with? Join us for an evening of chat, cups of tea, inspiration and most importantly, crafty encouragement, tips & tricks. 

If you’re just busting to do something with your hands but you don’t know where to start, check out Create With Us’ beautiful variety of craft kits for inspiration! They also make a wonderful gift for any crafter in your life. 

And if you’re launching in freestyle or working on your own design, you’ll find Bronnie’s extensive knowledge, and the experience of other avid crafters, helpful for getting past any hurdles or stuck points. 

Bronnie is a generous and multi-talented crochet, embroidery, sewing, macrame and craft teacher with years of experience, and will be on hand throughout the social to craft with you, and offer advice and assistance to help you get to the next stage with your projects! 

(Please note this is not a structured class or workshop - if you would like dedicated hands on guidance to learn a craft check out our Creative section for tutorials and classes online (and hopefully soon to be back at the Centre).

*This class will be delivered on Zoom 

Materials List

Bring your current projects, designs or ideas online with you. And maybe a cup of tea, or a wine.

Tutor: Bronnie Zervos

Bronnie started crafting as a way to practise mindfulness and create time for herself in a busy world. Her journey started with sewing cushions and beach bags which proved to be very popular at local markets and in her Etsy store. Bronnie began to explore other crafts including jewellery making, crochet and macrame. While she loves making her own creations for her Etsy store and handmade gifts for family and friends, her real passion is inspiring others to get creative and enjoy making their own projects. Bronnie believes everybody has a creative side!  ‘So thrilled and excited for my new hobby! I can't wait to come back and learn many new skills. Bronnie was so lovely and patient and able to give us lots of one on one time which you can't pay for. Thank you for a lovely afternoon and for introducing me to my new hobby/obsession :)’ (Hand Embroidery Student 2019)