Release your inner cartoonist with specialised techniques, guidance and inspiration. This is an exciting series of fun and challenging workshops for those who are ready to get cartooning.

Starting with basic shapes and symbols this class is great if you are a beginner level cartoonist or recently returning to drawing, and is challenging if you who want to improve on your existing cartooning skills.

Draw cartoon faces, cartoon bodies in movement and create character design tips to help you create your own characters.

The workshop covers the following:

- A general overview of what makes a cartoon ‘cartoony’. - Drawing cartoon faces from basic to more complex. - Drawing human faces in correct proportion. - Squash and Stretch in cartooning. - Drawing standing cartoon characters starting from stick figure. - Drawing characters in motion. - Introduction to Character Design.

Materials List

Materials For this class, please bring the following materials with you: - A3 sketchbook - Pencil: 2B or 4B. - Eraser - Sharpener Further optional materials will be discussed in class.