Slow Stitching - Japanese Floral Motifs

"Blend the calm and gentleness of slow stitching with the tranquil floral motifs found in traditional Japanese textile arts."

Slow stitching is not a complicated process relying on fancy, perfectly executed stitches and fastidious neatness, but rather, an embrace
of the timeworn nature of our materials, and the individuality of our stitching methods. Simplicity and care are the keys.

In this workshop we blend the calm and gentleness of slow stitching with the tranquil floral motifs found in traditional Japanese textile arts.

You will learn how to incorporate these traditional Japanese floral motifs into your stitching projects using layered fabrics and stitches such as couching and chain stitch, along with ancient Japanese stitching methods such as boro and sashiko.

Student Starter Packs include a selection of vintage Japanese textiles and high quality thread.

This class is suitable for all levels of experience.

*Students will also be expected to assist their tutor in a post-course clean down of the room & anything used during this time. Please understand we are putting in strict protocols across the board to ensure the safety of our entire community.

Tutor: Lisa Mattock

My business name is “forage”. It describes my process of seeking out textiles which are reclaimed, recycled and vintage. Using textiles to create artworks was a concept that I first explored during my senior high school years (1989 is certainly a long time ago!). I created a flowing, floor length coat made from strips of fabric knitted and woven together. It was brilliantly colourful and embellished with embroidered flowers made from beads and sequins. I was marked to be in the top 2% of the state for this fantastical creation, and invited to exhibit in “ArtExpress”. After school I spent many years living and working in Europe as a nanny. I relished these experiences which were so vastly different from my upbringing in the central west NSW town of Orange. Upon my return home to Australia, I established a boutique florist and homewares store in Sydney's eastern suburbs, an ideal backdrop for me to indulge my passion for colour and design, as well as buying and merchandising. We worked with private, corporate and media clients creating concepts for print media and television. Over the years there were many local and international weddings and collaborations on product launches. Some notable clients included: Dior, Ikea, Channel 10, 9 and 7 Sydney and The Lifestyle Channel, The art gallery of NSW, HSBC, L’Occitane, Majestic Cruiselines , NSW Parliament House, Opera House Sydney, Woollahra and Waverley Councils and Sony Australia. Since the sale of my business in 2013, I have once again turned my creative attention to my love of textiles. I have multiple retailers and galleries which I have partnered with to sell my collaged textile artworks. I also teach workshops to pass on my love and knowledge of reclaimed textiles.