Pottery for Beginners

This class is limited to 14 students.

A short intro course to gain the basics - you’ll be hooked! 

Over 3 sessions, concentrate on handbuilding forming cylinders and bowls. Finish by finessing and glazing your items.

In these 3 sessions, you have options to learn handbuilding of functional or decorative works.

Beginners or intermediate students are welcome to enrol.

Session 1:  Forming

Session 2: Finessing (joining, if any)

Session 3: Glazing

In this program, you will create 3 - 4 different objects. With detailed tutor demonstrations and help along the way, the classes are limited to maximum 10 students so that you get enough attention from the teacher.

Please note, there is a gap between Session 2 and Session 3 to allow enough time for drying and firing your works. You are encourage to attend all three sessions to ensure you follow all stages with other fellow students.

Ideas and inspirations will also be provided.


Saturday 17 April

Saturday 24 April


Saturday 8 May

*During COVID: We ask students to assist their tutor in a post-course clean down of surfaces and equipment they have used during this time. Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of our entire community.You can find more about our COVID safety procedures at https://www.northsydneycentre.com.au/courses/34/CLS110029/community-events/covid-safety-protocol

Here’s Roy talking about his full circle journey from student to tutor!

Tutor: Roy Chandra

Roy Chandra (Snow Monkey Pottery) started pottery classes at North Sydney Community Centre in 2014 with our long standing tutor Pim Hodge. He became so passionate about pottery he went to TAFE and completed his Diploma in Visual Arts in Ceramics in 2018 and has now come full circle and is teaching Pottery at the centre. His ceramic works are largely inspired by Japanese Pottery, however he often experiments with many different styles, including more contemporary forms and designs. He particularly loves wheel-thrown pottery and discussing new ideas. Some of his recent works can be found at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong and Chinaclay in Clovelly.