Photography Beginners Online

This class is held online, via Zoom


Do you have a new digital camera, but everything is overwhelming so you’re stuck in Auto? We’ll cover everything you need to get started, including but not limited to:

  • camera familiarisation
  • camera buttons and functions explained
  • lenses, focusing and focal lengths
  • shooting modes
  • aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how they interact
  • exposure and exposure compensation
  • white balance and colour temperature
  • composition
  • basic retouching

Class Schedule

Session 1 • How the camera works; sensors; lenses; memory cards; camera body sides/ bottom/top; shooting modes

Session 2 • Viewfinder; buttons; Q/info; file types

Session 3 • Menu; white balance; histogram; colour space

Session 4 • Exposure Triangle; exposure compensation

Session 5 • Aperture and Shutter Speed Practicals

Session 6 • Composition

Session 7 • Retouching

Session 8 • Show & Tell / Feedback

Materials List

Participants are required to bring along an SLR camera with the following accessories if you have them: a tripod, spare battery and a spare memory card. Wear comfortable shoes, and bring along wet weather gear, just in case.

Tutor: Zara King

Zara is a qualified photographer and Beginners’ Photography teacher, who specialises in naturally lit, documentary-style photography. A story-teller at heart, Zara strives to capture the in-between, otherwise unseen moments, where people are at their most comfortable and most pure. My favourite part about teaching Beginner Photography is the moment it all clicks together and finally makes sense. And we’re all in this together, as I also learn something new with every class. Knowledge is a journey, not a destination.