Printmaking for Christmas: Copper Etching

Are you short of gift ideas because you've already given everything you can think of? This year gives something unique and personal.

Over 2 days, in this printmaking (copper etching) course, you will have the opportunity not only to cultivate a new interest, to learn an art, and to increase your knowledge in printmaking techqniues but also you will be able to give something handmade (from Christmas cards to wrapping to custom artworks!).

Develop your knowledge of paper handling and ink techniques, with this two days course, while drawing inspiration from European and Asian artists. Accept the challenge of exploring your creativity using new tools and creating exclusive Christmas presents, cards, wrapping paper, and decorative artworks.

No experience needed, just bring your creativity.

Materials List

-Disposable gloves -Disposable lab coat -Artwork design

Tutor: Lucrezia Maria Brotto

A creative thinker and excellent communicator, Lucrezia received her training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and completed her Masters in Curation and Cultural Leadership at UNSW in Sydney. She has also studied natural dying techniques in India. She possesses a strong artistic and forward-looking sense. For years Lucrezia has dedicated herself to the composition of works of art. The preferred technique for the composition of her works are Printmaking and Etching. However during her studies, she developed a wide range of skills from mosaic to lithography. Furthermore, she has developed a strong knowledge of classical, modern & contemporary art history, and art anatomy. Lucrezia is an Italian artist with 8 years of related work experience and a portfolio of various achievements including exhibitions and academic achievements. Her culture is endowed with a unique dualism that shines through in her works, called by the passion for the classics and the vibrant contemporary art and culture.