Join Kirsty Mootz of Parva: Little Things for a masterclass of sorts, a combination of her popular workshops focused on helping you to reduce your impact on the Planet. You’ll get a taste of DIY Skincare Products, DIY Beeswax Wraps, DIY Green Cleaning & Edible Skincare. She will see you confidently off on your plastic free, low impact journey armed with the know how to make the best decisions for yourselves and the Planet.

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  • A masterclass of sorts to learn how to actively reduce your impact on the world around you starting in your home. Replacing plastics with reusables, making simple skincare and cleaning products from safe everyday ingredients.
  • this is a hands on workshop, you learn to make everything you take home!
  • You will learn the whys and how’s of reducing your carbon footprint and toxic load in your home and on the planet
  • what you take home: 1x Beeswax wrap, 1x Natural deodorant, 1x Lip balm, 1x Natural Scrub paste, 1x multi purpose essential oil blend, digital booklet to support further making at home.

Materials List

a bag to carry your products.

Tutor: Kirsty Mootz

Kirsty Mootz is the maker behind Parva Beeswax'd Food Wraps. She started making and selling wraps made from local beeswax and up cycled cottons alongside her organic skincare in June 2015. Kirsty is very passionate about reducing the impact human beings have on the Earth and believes in sharing what she has learned through teaching workshops