Drawing with Pencil and Watercolour

This one day workshop provides instruction in the use of coloured pencil and watercolour to produce vibrant renderings of subjects. 

Landscapes, figures and animals, techniques of colour layering, creating tonal values and applying washes are demonstrated. Look at core skills of drawing and then, using coloured pencil and watercolour produce drawings of intense colour and vitality.   


  • Rendering objects with coloured pencil light /shade from supplied images 
  • Use of watercolour wash and coloured pencil together 
  • Drawing faces , animals landscapes from supplied images 


  • Core skills of observational drawing 
  • Applying watercolour washes 
  • Learn Colour layering and watercolour mixing
  • Learn techniques of rendering colour tonality, light and shade 

*Students will also be expected to assist their tutor in a post-course clean down of the room & anything used during this time. Please understand we are putting in strict protocols across the board to ensure the safety of our entire community.

Materials List

Set of coloured pencils
Basic set of watercolours
2b pencils
A4 sketchpad

file Download materials list

Tutor: Richard Byrnes

Richard is a practising artist , having held 20 solo and over 100 group exhibitions in Australia and overseas. Having  extensive teaching experience to draw upon , he is committed to teaching sound drawing and sculpture techniques in  ways that are clear and accessible. His core belief is that art should be exciting  and joyous.   Richards works are included in the National Gallery, University of NSW, Artbank, Macquarie University and various regional Gallery Collections. Richards’ public sculpture commissions can be seen in North Sydney, Marrickville and Macquarie University. He is represented by the Robin Gibson Gallery in Sydney.