Crochet Weaving for Beginners

You will learn basic crochet stitches and use them to create a beautiful and simple fabric incorporating easy techniques from traditional weaving.

This course is suitable for anyone interested in crochet. The typical student is inquisitive & curious. They are keen to grow a hobby, try something new, engage their intellect and join a social group of likeminded people.

We will make learning the technique fun, while teaching you everything, from how to hold the hook and yarn, starting a chain, to learning how to make the basic stitches, counting stitches and rows and reading patterns. In the four weeks we will also learn how to make mesh. We will then learn to weave through the mesh to make beautiful designs. 

We have designed this course as a complete beginner’s level of crochet. Participants don’t need to have any experience. They will be exposed to various projects and may attempt a sample in class. They will also have multiple ideas for projects stemming from concepts learnt in class. And finally, you can challenge yourself to use all ten fingers at once and relax into a mindful, rhythmic activity at the same time.

By the end of this course students will be able to: 

·Understand theory and symbols of crochet 

·Learn how to hold the hook and yarn, 

·learn the basics of crochet stitches 

·use the anatomy of a crochet stitch to create different stitches 

·learn to identify and count stitches, read a diagram and understand the symbols of crochet 

·learn basic weaving using a needle and a crochet hook for different effects. 

Tutor: Payal Bhargava

Payal is an accomplished and experienced crochet teacher with over 10 year’s experience in the art. She has worked in the publishing and business development industry for many years, where she was involved with a number of art and craft magazine titles.

Her passion with craft led her to learn and research crochet as a way to escape the stressful world of business and company politics. She eventually gave up the corporate life to raise her young family and to devote more time on crochet and teaching.

She now operates her own company which specializes in Mindful Craft which she believes is a path to creative meditation.

She teaches the art of Crocheting at Community Colleges and at Art Centres to small groups in an interactive and social environment. When she is not crocheting or teaching, Payal uses her blogs to promote healing and therapeutic value of crocheting. Her ambition is to inspire everyone to express their own creativity by using a hook and yarn.