What’s My Style?

What’s my personal styling? 

How people see you when you first walk in the room. How do you project yourself, dramatically or conservatively, feminine, casual. Everyone has a dominant style and at least two support styles. When it’s right there is an enormous comfort level, at ease with one self and knowing when to bring out each style. Enjoy an informative, interactive session learning and seeing what these styles look like. 

Please bring a couple items of your clothing with you, particularly if you’re wondering “why doesn’t this work”.  Also, feel free to bring a couple scarves with you. 


Tutor: Vivienne Cable

Vivienne is a personal stylist and colour consultant based in Sydney. She helps women look great everyday - ensuring the clothes in your wardrobe work beautifully for you - and your lifestyle. Vivienne is one of the first people in Australia to use the four-seasons colour system. She uses a program to find your personality styling, and no matter your ethnic and cultural background, you will find this informative.