Where is the love? (Communicating with Empathy)

All participants who enrol must be fully (double) vaccinated by the class start date to be able to join classes on site (as per NSCC COVID policy): 

NO refunds or transfers for anyone who enrols and is not fully vaccinated by the class start date. 

Bringing empathy and kindness back into your communication 

Compassion, caring, concern – call it what you will, empathy is the key trait we need to build connections with others in the modern world. We will explore the nature of empathy, the challenges in cultivating it and how it can bring meaning to our conversations and relationships with others. 

This workshop will share some of the best psychology around empathy and  what gets in the way of more empathetic behaviour. We will share experiences in conversation, run exercises in small groups and finally develop individual plans for injecting more empathy into our connections with friends and family.

Some of the topics covered include:

-       How to break out of our bubbles and get past our ego

-       Understand the key types of empathy

-       How to develop each of the traits

-       Practice our key listening skills and responses

-       How to bring real compassion into our conversations with others

Tutor: AJ Tennant

AJ Tennant is a facilitator, copywriter and storytelling with over 15 years experience. AJ has created content for world-leading brands, government, charities and even comedy for television. He knows how big ideas and powerful stories can inspire individuals and change behaviour. AJ is proud to be working with Good for the Hood to empower ordinary people to create change in the communities they live and work in.


Presenter: Jo Taranto

Jo Taranto is an energetic and passionate communicator who is never afraid to jump in a bin to make a point. 

As an expert contributor on topics including waste, sustainability and climate change, Jo appears regularly at conferences and online events, and across numerous media outlets and digital channels. Jo holds qualifications in health science and environment, and has over 20 years of on-the-ground behaviour change experience, most recently with a number of local governments and a social enterprises in Sydney.

Since 2018, Good for the Hood has been empowering ordinary people to create change across neighbourhoods, community groups and workplaces.

The business was founded on the back of a grassroots community campaign to encourage people and business in the City of Ryde, Sydney to lower their use of single-use plastics.

Today, this one community campaign has inspired many many more, and the opportunity to support countless other community groups, corporates and councils on their pathway to change. With community and humour at the forefront, Good for the Hood is today a leader in sustainability communication and impact.

“Our vision is to build an eco-system of everyday change-makers and to make the journey accessible, positive and light-hearted so that every person – no matter what their age, political views or background – can be inspired to create their own piece of good.”

You can find out more about Good For The Hood via their website: www.goodforthehood.com.au

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