Expressive Painting: Painting with Colour and Light

Class capacity: 6-12 students

We will study the work of Australian painters like Arthur Streeton, Sydney Long, Margaret Preston, who were all exciting painters with very individual styles.

In addition, painters like Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet will provide inspiration – and suggestions from students are very welcome.

We will break down the process into steps, learning about constructing form and depth, underpainting, sketching, composition, palette (choice of colour), tonal contrast, layering, the use of different brushes for various purposes, correcting or changing elements, making decisions, and final details. Along the way, students will find they have more confidence in the painting process as they develop adaptability and skill. 

The tutor will walk you through painting exercises, assist in the creation of your own body of work and act as a consultant if students wish to pursue their own projects. 

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Materials List

• Canvas or primed MDF board for acrylic painting • Sketchbook - Any size from A5 to A3 - for making notes and drawing • Brushes – Majority synthetic brushes and a couple of hog hair brushes • 3 flat bristle brushes in sizes that are approximately 15mm, 10mm and 5mm wide • 3 filbert brushes in sizes that are approximately 15mm, 10mm and 5mm • 1 wide 3-4 cm cheap hog hair brush • 1 or 2 small round brush for detail • Acrylic paint (recommended brand: Atelier, Matisse, Golden, Liquitex): • Titanium White • Ultramarine Blue (warm blue) • Pthalo Blue (cool blue) • Cadmium Red (warm red) • Alizarin Crimson (cool red) • Cadmium Yellow medium hue (warm yellow) • Lemon Yellow (cool yellow) • Burnt Umber • Burnt Sienna • Yellow Ochre • Naples Yellow • Viridian 250ml bottle of Clear painting medium • 1 palette knife with a pointy tip for mixing paints. • 1 large flat plastic palette • Masking tape *If you are not a beginner and would like to use oil paints please bring a jar for you to use odourless solvent (no turps), there is nowhere to dispose of the solvent in the art room and so this must get taken home after class.

Tutor: Shelly Du

Shelly attended many classes at North Sydney Centre from life drawing to watercolour painting, acrylics and pottery. Shelly enjoyed all the classes and says now it is her time to contribute as a tutor. “North Sydney Community Centre holds a very important position in my heart because I started my art career here when I sold my first painting in the North Sydney 2014 Student & Tutor Exhibition. It greatly encouraged me. A few years on, I’ve won quite a few prizes in art exhibitions in Sydney and sold more than 200 paintings with collectors from 10 countries. I would like to share my experience and my passion for art with the students in the centre.”