Make An Artist Journal

Class capacity: 6-12 students

Have you ever wanted an artist’s journal that was uniquely yours? A visual diary in with your favourite papers inside? A travel diary with its own character? Here is a chance to make your own. It is a wrapped leather cover in Florentine style. 

We are using a simple binding so absolute beginners can succeed. A range of leather is provided for the cover. You can bring your choice of papers for inside. Jean will talk you through planning your journal, cutting the leather covers, folding the papers, making a template for binding, piercing the sections and binding it all together. All tools and equipment supplied. Art journals can be A5 to A4. A list of required and optional materials is given when registering.

Skills covered: Designing an art journal with a mix of plain, patterned and coloured papers • Hand skills to fold and cut paper accurately for books • Learning about the qualities of art papers (sizing, fibres, weight), grain direction • learning to use bookbinding tools: piercing holes with an awl, measuring with setsquare & ruler • pamphlet binding

Timing: 30mins for lunch, two 15 min breaks

Materials List

Materials for Students to bring: • For inside the book: a pad of A3 drawing paper, watercolour paper or pastel paper of your choice  
or  six large sheets of your chosen drawing or art paper • This paper can be white, black, grey, or coloured, whatever you choose • craft knife or Xacto knife with #11 blades. Cutting mat if you have one. • Pencil & a few sheets of paper for notes. 

Optional: Decorative papers, such as 2 A3 sheets of coloured Canson or mi tiente paper or washi papers, gift wrap or other decorative art papers 120gsm-300gsm. (Tissue papers are too fragile.) These will be bound inside the front and back covers of your books. 
(Tutor will provide bone folder, awl, needles, metal ruler.)

Tutor: Jean Kropper

Jean Kropper has taught art workshops all around Australia from Darwin in the Northern Territory to Burnie, Tasmania as well as across the USA and Canada. In Sydney she has taught regularly at the Art Gallery of NSW, in libraries and art centres. She is the internationally published author of three books; together, they have sold over 30,000 copies. She leads workshops in hand bookbinding, meditative drawing, cartooning, drawing dragons, using words as art, paper sculpture and creative collage. She runs her own design studio, Paper and Pixel, designing inventive marketing promotions in paper combining her creative skills with paper engineering.