Encaustic Art: Luminosity & Depth

A very versatile process that brings luster and depth to your art making process. 

This class is an introduction to the use of encaustics and mixed media, led by experienced tutor and artist, Rachel Carroll.

Encaustic is a very versatile wax medium that enhances any surface and blends well with mixed media compositions on board to create amazingly layered and luminous work. It has a long history, dating back to 800BC, where coloured pigments were added to beeswax. 

Encaustics can be used to enhance and layer over collage, painting, photography or print making. The encaustic can be sculpted, as well as painted, offering the artist a broad range of possibilities for the finished work.

This introductory workshop will begin by creating mixed media compositions and drawings, using nature as a reference point. Many materials will be combined to make the one work (ink, collage, frottage & charcoal + acrylic).

In the second half of the workshop, you will learn how to incorporate encaustic into the work, how to heat and manipulate the medium, and see your work build and transform with luminosity and depth. 

MATERIALS: This is a non toxic encaustic class but please bring gloves for working with pigments and your own mask.

This video below shows a demonstration of working with Encaustics: 


Tutor: Rachel Carroll

Rachel Carroll has been a practising artist for over 20 years. An expressionist and an environmentalist painter Rachel prefers to paint about locations that are surviving rather than focus on an area that is in demise. It has always been Carroll’s focus to bring the “bush to the city”, in the hope that others will connect with nature. Art acts as a little reminder to go visit and love the “greater green”, as she calls it. Carroll has a Masters Degree from the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.