Choir Concert Night : Joan Baez

Each term the Monday night choir gets the chance to show off its talents at their end of term concert evening. Come along and join this free night of song and community cheer. This term the choir has been studying songs by Joan Baez.

American folk singer, musician and activist; THE distinctive female voice of the folk rock era; a beacon & profound influence to generations, Baez has performed publicly for nearly 60 years, releasing over 30 albums, in both Spanish and English. Although an accomplished songwriter, Baez generally interprets the songs of others, initially and notably those of her one time partner Bob Dylan.


Kate Maclurcan

Kate Maclurcan has years of experience in mandolin ensembles, bluegrass bands and performs widely as a folk musician. She has run numerous choirs at NSCC including The Summer of Love, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, The Beatles and most recently, Simon & Garfunkel. Like those, this term’s choir will be part-singalong/ part choir,with the primary aim of having fun! You might be a veteran of choirs - or you might never have sung outside your bathroom walls. You are all welcome! ‘(music) can capture my heart - yet somehow set it free. It can tear me to pieces, yet somehow make me whole. It gives me hope and feeds my soul.' - Eric Bogle Here are some comments from 'Summer of Love' participants: “Thanks for your teaching prowess and enthusiasm and making it so much fun!” “Engaging with the Summer of Love choir has been a heart-lifting and joyous return to an innocent era where we were all young and beautiful.”“The course is not competitive, there is no pressure to perform (especially as no solos are expected). Pure fun!”. “Tunes that last in our memories for a lifetime. It has been great Kate!”.“A great spirit of community.” “It’s been a great 8 weeks re-living these terrific songs. Huge thanks!” “Kate - whatever you are teaching, I’ll be signing up!”