Choir: Songs of Woodstock

Fifty years ago this August, on a farm north of New York, over 400, 000 young folk gathered for three days of music, love and peace.  A pivotal event in musical history, thirty-two acts performed. Amongst them:  Santana, Creedence, Arlo, Jimi, Janis, Joan, Joe Cocker, The Who, Melanie, Blood Sweat & Tears, The Band, Jefferson Airplane & Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Along with our hippy band, come and celebrate with songs like Proud Mary, My Generation, Comin' Into Los Angeles, Piece of My Heart, We Shall Overcome, The Weight and, of course, Joni's Woodstock.  No experience needed. ALL voices welcome. 

Tutor: Kate MacLurcan

Kate Maclurcan has years of experience in mandolin ensembles, bluegrass bands and performs widely as a folk musician. Since 2008 Kate has run dozens of themed choirs at NSCC and elsewhere, including The Summer of Love, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Cat Stevens, Roy Orbison, The Beachboys and Peter Paul & Mary. This term’s choir will be part-singalong/ part choir,with the primary aim of having fun. You may be a choir veteran - or you might never have sung outside your bathroom walls. Kate believes everyone has a voice. Some just haven't found it yet. Come along and enjoy the magic that happens when people come together for the joy of singing.