World Music Singing

Sing out loud and enjoy connecting to the oldest and most innate instrument – your human voice! With no previous experience necessary you’ll be introduced to songs of spirit from all over the world. Singer songwriter Miriam Lieberman is your course facilitator. She has spent decades learning songs from different cultures with a particular interest in African music. If you love to sing and have fun doing so with others, this is the course for you.

Tutor: Miriam Lieberman

Miriam Lieberman is a singer songwriter with a unique perspective. She accompanies her powerful vocals with kora (21-stringed African harp) and acoustic guitar, performing as a soloist and with her trio: Kate Adams (Cellist) and Lara Goodridge (Violinist). Despite this unusual mix of pure classical instruments and something made from a large gourd strung with fishing line there is a musical chemistry between these players and their instruments that melds into a soaringly beautiful soundscape. Miriam’s music blends well-crafted songs with powerful and emotive performance. Her unique musical style has developed out of long periods of time spent immersed in the distant places and cultures of the music that inspires her and most of all out of a passion for song writing and performance. In Miriam’s latest album Birds of the Moon these influences are the layers underneath what is Australian contemporary folk music with a somewhat cosmopolitan undertone. Miriam will be releasing her fourth album, BIRDS OF THE MOON in August 2014. The album has been produced at Endomusia studios by Josh Schuberth. At the forefront are Miriam’s soulful vocals, 21 string African harp (kora) and percussive styled guitar as well as Kate Adams and Lara Goodridge on cello and violin. Added is the hypnotic percussion and bass played by Schuberth. There is a blend of beautiful filmic arrangements as well as stripped back songs of just kora and voice. Prepare for an album that travels in mood from the sinister beauty of the Indian city of Varanasi, A Mexican love story and the bright hope of dawn. Prior to her upcoming album Miriam has released three other albums.