Choir: Songs about Travelling

Travelling – it’s a universal experience, and there are so many songs about it. Songs about modes of transport (Proud Mary, Brand New Key) and exotic locales (Marrakesh Express, Kokomo). Road songs (Route 66, King Of The Road). Songs about leaving (It’s All Over Now Baby Blue) and about coming home (Sweet Home Chicago).

No singing experience necessary.

Tutor: Rob Bullen

Rob has played jazz, rock’n’roll, folk and various other musical styles for “a very long time”, singing and playing guitar or bass. He has performed in groups and solo. Rob has been an enthusiastic member of various choirs, and previously ran the very successful “Road to Motown,” “Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club,” “Rolling Stones,” “Songs of Oz,”"Songs About The Weather," and "Songs about Growing Up" choirs. “Songs about Travelling” Choir is set to be just as interesting. Nothing too difficult, and definitely no pressure – the emphasis is on fun.