Harmonica Intermediate

Step further into the blues...

The intermediate course will take the student onto the next step... further into the blues.

You should have completed the introductory course, and be able to 'bend' the notes on holes 2 and 3.

We will be looking at perfecting bends, and more blues songs.

As a prerequisite, you need to be competent at: Playing clear, single notes; Blues Harp tabs (the music we read), where the notes are on the harp, and an elementary ability to bend a note.

The course will develop the ability to bend various notes, and apply them when playing songs.

We'll cover the 12 bar blues, and some well known harmonica solos.

Materials List

You will need a Diatonic Harmonica (often called a Blues Harp) in the Key of C. I recommend (and can supply at cost) the Hohner Special 20 – a robust, inexpensive, professional instrument. ($80 - subject to availability and organized in advance as we do the order a few weeks before the course begins) All teaching material will be supplied – bring a pen to make some notes.

Tutor: Matthew Roberts

Trained in Harmonica by the great Jim Conway, Matthew has been teaching almost as long as he can remember. As a multi-instrumentalist he understands what the harmonica can do for a band as well as solo playing. Since he was originally trained as a guitar player, Matthew is able to accompany the students as they master the harmonica skills through the course. He has played with Phil Manning (Chain), Robert ‘Soul Kinda Feelin’ Susz, George Washingmachine, and many others.