Deep Mindfulness

Interest in the practice of Mindfulness has exploded in recent years as increasing numbers of people discover ways to experience themselves living fully in the present moment, free from distractions and engaged completely with  the here and now.   At very deep levels of mindfulness you can do even more. You can easily replace negative thoughts and feelings with mind energies that nurture. You can change your moods, free yourself from unwanted habits -- get out of the groove you’re in.   Deep mindfulness relies on some very simple techniques that take you smoothly and quickly into complete body/mind experiences in the present moment. It isn't the least bit difficult. You don’t need any expertise with meditation. You will find it a very satisfying experience from which you will emerge feeling very refreshed and completely renewed - every time

Absolute beginners are welcome!

Venue: 150 Walker Street, North Sydney. Enter via the South Gate. Tuesdays (fortnightly).


Malcolm Pearce

Dr Malcolm has had a lifelong interest in helping people to experience happy, meaningful living. This motivation inspires all his work as a meditation teacher. For his PhD Malcolm researched with volunteer groups into the long-term benefits of mindfulness practice, visualisation, and mantra chanting. His research over five years showed that the lasting gains from these exercises included increased self-awareness, an ability to control moods, and positive life changes of many kinds. As well as being an experienced teacher of meditation, Malcolm is also a qualified hypnotherapist. In his private practice he provides hypnotherapy for people who are looking for new ways of engaging with life. He says there is nothing magical about the outcomes of hypnotherapy. Every lasting benefit it brings can be explained in terms of neuroplasticity. Malcolm has other roles, as a trainer of counsellors for CCWT and as an accredited clinical supervisor of gambling counsellors for the NSW Government. Malcolm can be contacted at