Manage Menopause Naturally

Manage Menopause with the Transformative power of healing herbs, nutrition, and natural remedies.

Is hormonal change catching up with you ? Are your periods getting lighter, heavier or gone with the wind ? Are you experiencing hot flushes, aches and pains, mood swings, insomnia, lowered immunity, poor energy or weight gain ? Welcome to Menopause.

It’s not all bad news. This course is designed for you to explain the changes you are transitioning through and why. What impact these may have and what you can do to transition through menopause with ease.

Marianne will show you how to use the transformative power of botanical medicine:- Herbal teas, herbal and nutritional tablets, herbal tinctures, diet and lifestyle factors and essential oils. Which herbs, oils, or products to use. How to utilize them. When to utilize them. This course explains what the impacts are and has all your answers to sailing through menopause with joy and vitality. Bring any symptoms or questions about what you may be experiencing and Marianne will workshop them. Chances are many others will be experiencing similar problems. These changes are natural but do come with psychological and emotional challenges. Many women find it a very stressful time in their life as they may be dealing with children leaving the nest, and aging parents needing time and support. Not to mention confronting our own issues on femininity and aging.

This workshop aims to provide insights and answers in an informative and open discussion setting. All privacy is respected and you may be as interactive as you prefer.


Marianne Barta

Marianne is a Naturopath, herbalist, Homeopath, Remedial massage therapist, Energetic healer, Kinesiologist and Reiki practioner. She has been practicing for 20 years and has a q wealth of experience in all aspects of health and wellness. She is a registered business owner of Arc Of Healing Natural Therapies and practices out of Chatswood Natural Therapy Centre at Suite 202, 3-9 Spring st, Chatswood. Marianne holds Diplomas is Nutrition, Botannical medicine, Homeopathy and Naturopathy and certificates in Holistic counselling, Iridology, Zen Shiatsu, Deep tissue Muscle therapy, Corrective Exercise therapy, and Sports Medicine from Naturecare College, St Leonards. Marianne studied and practiced Advanced Kinesiology with Sue Willis and travelled to India to study Advanced Homeopthy under Dr Paramal Banerji of Kolkata. Marianne is always seeking to deepen her understanding of the disease process to bring abouit cure from the inside out. Rather than just suppress the symptoms she seeks to return the body to balance so it can heal itself. Marianne is a registered practioner with the Australian Traditional medicine Society ATMS member and has a special interest in women’s health and wellbeing. She seeks to bring joy and vitality through all stages of life.