Pilates Mums and Bubs: Tuesday

Mums ‘n Bubs Pilates gives you the opportunity to exercise with your baby, in a supportive and caring environment with other new mums. A gentle and effective way of increasing general fitness, enhancing muscle tone and strength while focussing on the body’s core muscles. The exercises improve strength, stability and flexibility increasing control of the back, pelvis, hips, neck and shoulders while focusing on posture and alignment, core control, pelvic floor strengthening and breathing technique.

Tutor: Cara Wood

I have been teaching Pilates full time for almost 2 years now after completing an intense couple of years training with the amazing Lynn Robinson of Body Control Pilates in London.  My Pilates journey began after suffering many years of work related back pain as a hairdresser.  I eventually turned to Pilates and found it to be the only thing that helped me.  There is a book named 'Return to Life' by Joseph Pilates which is exactly what Pilates has done for me.