Body Strength Flow

This body strenthening class develops strength in all muscles with a focus on strenghtening the core based on the fundamentals of a strong Yoga practice. A safe and effective class for all ages and conditions.

Tutor: Lisa Crawford

After completing her Level 1 teacher training qualification at Qi in Sydney, Lisa continued her learning, exploring Japanese Yoga, Kundalini and styles of international teachers in Bali, only to experience Anukalana, taught by Jacopo Ceccerelli in Florence, Italy. Anukalana means integrated in Sanskrit. This style integrates science with tradition, to create a fluidity of movement in every joint simultaneously, as you extend and yield in and between poses.  This approach to moving through asana was developed by Jacopo Ceccarelli who had damaged his body from competitive martial arts and found many poses to be too rigid and repetitive one plane directional movement, for his spine. As he modified his practice and researched anatomy, in terms of the natural occurrence of spirals for evolution, it became clear that a subjective optimal alignment and a wave like motion of movement, was more intuitive for the body. As a result he created and trademarked "Anukalana", as a way of moving through an asana practice.    Lisa completed a further 300 hours of training with Jacopo in Italy to bring this style of movement to Australia. She now weaves the basic concepts of Anukalana into her hatha classes.