Pilates Saturday Class 1

Feel stronger, more energised, flexible and lengthened through Pilates’ challenging, dynamic and fun techniques. Pilates improves strength, stability and flexibility by focusing on the body’s core architectural system - the deep stabilising postural muscles of the spine and trunk, increasing control of the back, pelvis, hips, neck and shoulders. Suitable for people at all stages of life, Pilates also aids the treatment of back pain and helps reduce stress.

Tutor: Heather Crowe

Heather Crowe has been working as a Pilates Instructor for 11 years and teaches Pilates Mat Work inspired by the late creator, Joseph H Pilates. Heather discovered Pilates in 1997 to assist in the recovery from a back injury after being hit by a car on her bicycle. Realising and experiencing the benefits of Pilates she became a certified Pilates Instructor in 2003. Heather teaches Pilates with a unique method to improve deep stabilising abdominal muscle strength, toned core and buttock, flexibility, joint mobility and encourages long lean muscles for a more graceful posture. Heather is a passionate health and fitness professional and highly qualified with a:Bachelor of Physical Education Degree, NZ; Diploma in Secondary Teaching, NZ with 8 years teaching experience; Diploma in Exercise Science and Fitness Management, AUS; Cert IV Master Personal Trainer; Registered Personal Trainer with Fitness Australia NSW; Diploma in Yoga; Certified Pilates Instructor; Director of Health Conscious Personal Training since 2003 specialising in teaching Yoga, Pilates and personal training to individuals and small groups in the Lower North Shore and Eastern Suburbs.

Tutor: Sharon Freedman

Pilates Reformer, Mat & Barre Attack Teacher, Food Coach and Personal Trainer I always loved exercise and movement but had little formal knowledge as I didn’t have a background in dance or gymnastics. I wanted to learn how to achieve optimal movement, maintain my healthy weight and keep my body functioning well for as long as I could. I enjoyed boxing, jogging, power walking and gym workouts. I also wanted to motivate and help others with their journey. I went on to study with the Fitness Institute of Australia my Cert III & Cert IV and became a personal training in a gym and then on my own. I built a community of great clients some of whom I still coach today. For my own exercise I was very attracted to Pilates as it felt it was the missing link in my training. I continued my education as a Pilates certified Mat and Reformer teacher and then as a certified Food Coach. Having all the qualifications to give my clients a well-rounded experience. After a few years of private and group clients, I achieved my dream of co-owning two Pilates studios in St Leonards and Neutral Bay. I love working with pregnancy, postnatal, weight loss and mature clients to achieve their goals and dreams.