Life Changing Fitness

MUSIC BASED CLASS  A low impact exercise class.  Designed for the Over 50’s. Perfect for beginners. individuals returning to fitness, or Individuals wanting to continue a active lifestyle, but at a lower intensity pace. 

EXERCISE TYPE Cardio Strength Training  (hand weights provided )  Core Strength  There is no floor (mat ) component in this class 

INTENSITY  Low /Moderate 


RESULTS Increased cardiovascular endurance Increased Muscle strength Improved joint mobility and flexibility Improved Core Strength  Improved co -ordination  Reduced stress and anxiety 

‘Marion makes ageing fun!’

Tutor: Marion Claridge

Marion Claridge has been teaching a variety of Group Fitness classes for over 11 years, including having owned and operated her own fitness business for 3 of those years. Along with her permanent teaching positions at various Fitness Clubs, Marion also teaches Senior Fitness at Community Centres and Weight Training at High Schools during the school terms.