DIscovering Mindfulness

Mindfulness, in today's society, is defined as the intentional cultivation of non judgmental, moment to moment awareness. Originally laid out by the Buddha some 2,500 years ago, mindfulness practices have now become more prevalent in mainstream society today. Led primarily by Jon Kabat-Zinn, mindfulness practices are now more accessible than ever, and can be adopted by anyone (not only buddhists) seeking to alleviate stress and enhance their overall experience of life. Students will learn a number of different mindfulness practices to assist them in their cultivation of present moment awareness. These practices will include seated breath awareness, standing meditation, lying body scan and walking meditation. 

Tutor: Jeremy Charkos

Jeremy has been working in health and wellness in North Sydney for over 5 years. Working as a holistic personal trainer, Jeremy began a meditation practice in 2013 seeking greater clarity in life and relationships. Intrigued and encouraged by the effects of his practice, Jeremy then travelled to India in 2016 to learn more about meditation and how to guide others through the art of meditation. Jeremy hopes through teaching meditation he can help people establish a daily practice that helps them cultivate love, compassion and patience in their everyday lives.