Pilates For Beginners

Designed to help students achieve strength, stability and flexibility through utilising the basic Pilates principles of breathing and alignment of pelvis, rib cage, scapula, head and cervical spine. It will be an introduction to this amazing way of exercising. Come along and experience the benefits of Pilates - your muscles will be forever grateful! Expect an hour of fun, exciting and beautiful connection of body and mind. 

Tutor: Andressa Sanfelice

Andressa has always been passionate about health, fitness and body mind exercises. This passion extends to helping people through their journey to achieve positive outcomes. From beginners to experienced Pilates lovers there is always room for personal growth and continuous improvement. Pilates was “the one and only exercise” that effectively resolved a life of back pain and guided Andressa into becoming an instructor. She felt so good that she wanted as many people as possible to feel that way too. Andressa holds a Post Graduate Dietician Qualification from University in her native country Brazil, has completed her Mat Pilates accreditation and is a STOTT trained Reformer Pilates Instructor. Andressa truly believes that happiness comes from a healthy body and a highly trained mind. Her classes are full of energy with emphasis on directing mental functions to promote muscles achieve their optimal performance.