Latino Exercise

Improve your fitness and flexibility while expressing yourself through a combination of Salsa, Merengue and Rumba techniques. Latin and Jazz dance brings fun and energy to the class. Wear flat shoes and bring your water bottle.

Tutor: Giselle Peacock

For the past 22 years I have devoted my life to the world of Dance. Specializing in Ballroom / Latin Dancing, training with some of the top coaches from all over the world. Over my competitive career I have captured many titles in the most prestigious competitions In the Dancesport Community. In addition to Ballroom I have studied and choreographed in various dance styles including Jazz, hip hop, contemporary, modern dance ,swing/lindy, and salsa. My recent years have been spent touring with the Broadway production Burn The Floor, which this July, just finished its 2nd run on the West End in London. I have also appeared on hit television shows such as “Dancing With The Stars “ and “So you Think You Can Dance “. While not touring I spend my time teaching at dance schools all around in Sydney as well as the U.S.