Dance23.Tbt (Dance Tabata)

Get your high energy on, torch those calories, get your sass on and turn back the clock to the 1990’s!

Have fun with this high impact dance workout. Body parts will burn, muscles will get a great workout and you’ll find your rhythm and sass with hip hop moves while we throwback Thursday (TBT) to a 90s and early 2000s soundtrack. 

Dance23.Tbt is a 45 min dance workout. It’s Dance tabata where we put a fun spin on dancing and fitness. It’s about calorie burning, muscle toning and finding your rhythm and sass. Together we dance 6 high energy dance moves, giving it our all in 4 minute straight sets: (20+10x6: 20 seconds ‘on’ + 10 seconds break x 6 rounds) to each tune.

Get your dance on, torch them calories and get your sass on with Reena from Dance23.Tbt. This class is for anyone who wants to dance, get fit in a fun way and feel like they have had an amazing workout!

Tutor: Reena Garcia

Reena is a fitness instructor who has a love and passion for dance and movement. She has been a freestyle dancer since her tweens. She is an avid believer in moving the body in a fun way. She has been a personal trainer for nearly 8 years. Her passion lies within helping women with stepping out of their comfort zone and being confident. Combining her fitness experience and counseling therapy for the inner women, she has found that these skills together helps with mental and physical health for women.