Pilates Mums and Bubs

***New mid-week time!!***

Mums ‘n Bubs Pilates gives you the opportunity to exercise with your baby, in a supportive and caring environment with other new mums. A gentle and effective way of increasing general fitness, enhancing muscle tone and strength while focussing on the body’s core muscles. The exercises improve strength, stability and flexibility increasing control of the back, pelvis, hips, neck and shoulders while focusing on posture and alignment, core control, pelvic floor strengthening and breathing technique. 

Tutor: Tara Vasquez-Moore

I have been teaching pilates for over 16 years including pre/post natal pilates, yoga, & nutrition. Having five children of my own I have gained much personal experience & understanding throughout pregnancy & thereafter. I truly understand the benefits both physically & mentally that pilates brings during this amazing phase of life! My passion is sharing this with as many moms as possible providing a safe, warm, & fun environment to build strength & awareness both mind & body!